Why Abortion is Eugenics

Intent is the most difficult part of the con to pull off.  I should know I have worked as a telemarketer where you have to act like you’re “helping” someone as you systematically hard sell people junk they’d never need.

People are always offended the most when they realize they were fooled and the person they trusted was in fact conning them.

An example is how some people are freaked out by homosexuality simply because the idea of it to them is gross.  This may not be what some people want  to hear but at least it’s honest.

What is the truth about people’s real views on abortion?  Is it some hidden belief that is not being said aloud?

DRUDGE linked to JOHN MCCORMACK’s story about what happened when pro-life advocates visited the home of a local abortion doctor Ashutosh Virmani.  When they knocked on the door he answered and ended up shouting to them that they, should “adopt one of those ugly black babies“.

Now hold on a second that’s not the rhetoric I hear from the smiling pro-abortion crowd, they are always saying abortion is about caring and love.

With it being campaign season this reminded me when abortion came up in 2008 when Obama and McCain had the battle of the preachers. Rev Wright vs Pastor Hagee.  The one concept that I remembered most was eugenics.  The media started to get into it a little and then all of a sudden they changed the topic.

If you spend any time reading or watching documentaries about Auschwitz then you will have a better view of what is happening in America.  The statistics are overwhelming and now the sings of the true intent of the actors is starting to show.


1.  The Government pays the people die.  The Eugenics operation that Hitler operated was paid for by the German government as it was simply another NAZI government democide program.  Obviously more sophisticated than just bombing or shooting people but it resulted in the same result, the extermination of what was considered the “undesirable” portion of the population.

What if there was evidence that connected this eugenics belief to the American government program called Planned Parenthood?  If you spend any time reading about its founder Margaret Higgins and her public statements it is shocking.  Even on her wikipedia page where they try to candy coat it as best they can it is still admitted that she was a supporter of eugenics.

Even Rick Santorum called abortion what it is, eugenics.  I wonder if Romney agrees with Santorum?

Morality is something that people want the power to control.  Especially when they are doing dirt they KNOW they shouldn’t be doing.  Dudes know better than to check out their homeboy’s girl no matter what religion they follow right?  Same point.  Right is right wrong is wrong.

When it comes to who gets to live how could this be confusing?  Who would agree with killing a child?  What if it was called abortion instead of infanticide   What if it became so trendy that it became ok to abort even late term children just weeks or days away from birth? What if it got so trendy that so called “ethicist” eugenic scientists even ask the question, why should the baby live?  Yes, “Doctors” are now openly discussing the benefits of  killing children AFTER birth.

Many people don’t know that after Hitler was defeated NAZI scientists were recruited into the United States in a government program called Operation Paper Clip.   That’s right many of the same scientists that worked for years trying to find ways to exterminate people were welcomed into the United States.  Do you think they worked on doughnuts recipes when they got here?



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