Why America loves Faux-Rain rulers.

The American people seem to be caught up in an interesting conundrum, again.

The 2012 election presents the American people with two distinct choices that are billed as unique and vastly different directions for the country and even the world.  However, are the people still buying this old line?

What’s the one thing the Republican and Democratic candidates for president have in common?  Both are Faux-Rain rulers.

This concept has been bouncing around in my mind for weeks as I have been trying to articulate exactly what these Faux-Rain rulers are doing to this country.

I was watching this C-SPAN video of the 1992 debates[1] and it only took about 30 seconds to see these clowns debating the exact same talking points that the 2012 debates are based on.  JOBS LOST OVERSEAS, GAS PRICES, ETC.  This proves these status quo pros are all about talking you to sleep while they proceed to do what ever the F they want to.  NEWSFLASH:  If they haven’t fixed it in 20 years they probably can’t or don’t want to fix it.   Maybe its time to call another plumber?


What is a Faux-Rain ruler?

1. FAUX.  As in fake fraudulent.  Not there, bait and switch, a cheesebuger with no burger and no cheese.  This is what you get when you place your faith in a Faux-Rain ruler.  This is also why perception is so important to these clowns, much more than reality.  They are about conning you not representing you or your ballot.  Obama still hasn’t convinced the State of Arizona that he was born in the United States.  Romney still hasn’t explained why he should pay a lower tax rate than a practice team player in the NFL.

2. RAIN.  As in “Make it rain.”  You know like a rapper throwing cash in the air for strippers?  This is what Faux-Rain rulers do for their buddies.  They hook their homies up with boat loads of tax-payer dollars in no-bid contracts, inside Solyndra deals, and who knows how many sophisticated tax loopholes so they get to keep all the money.  If they get caught stealing they get deferred prosecution from the prime thug.  If they lose money they get bailed out by Wall Street banksters.


Why Americans love Faux-Rain rulers?

  1. The same reason prostitutes love their pimps.  Snoop Lion recently entered the 2012 election debate as he posted his hilarious take on the two candidates via Twitter.   One of the comments that was most eye catching was when he said, “Mitt Romney is a Mormon but he aint got no ho’s.”  This is funny but not accurate.  Faux-Rain rulers are far from whore-less.  They have plenty of people all over the country that would gladly do absolutely anything to please their “pimp daddy”.  Larry Kudlow acts like he’s a “working man” for the Romney Campaign the way he advises Mitt on air about how he should change his message and do this or do that to win.  The same thing that Anderson Cooper does on CNN watch tonight as he “Takes Jack Welch to task” about his comments that the presidents labor numbers are fixed.
  2. People go for what they know and they don’t know better.  People are born into a world that is already in progress.  It takes some time to realize what is going right and what is going wrong.  It takes even more time to figure out what you can do about it.  Eventually people protest when they discover the ills of our society and who is behind it.  This is the biggest reason why the “elected officials” will always defend the status quo.  Their primary job is to fool the people into liking they way it is.  This is why we will always be told that MORE war is required to obtain MORE peace.  




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