Why Bill Clinton is the key to American Prosperity

I have to say it is amazing to realize this year makes 20 years since Slick Willy was elected U.S. president.  There is no doubt that most adult Americans have fond memories of the 90′s when everyone seemed to have money and have something going for themselves.

Ever since the 90′s it seems like the country has been on a gradual coast downward doesn’t it?  It seems like more and more Americans are in a place where they are working many more hours for much less money that buys even less food and fuel.  Americans have been stuck in SURVIVAL mode for how long now?

Why is that?  What can we learn from the Bill Clinton years?


Here’s 4 reasons why Bill Clinton is the key to American Prosperity:


1.  Mind

In 1992 big pharma wasn’t Nino Brown from New Jack City yet with their mind controlling psycho drug dealing.  How can you calculate the effect of having millions of people in the general population taking these drugs everyday?  In 2012 the media started portraying most of the incidents as people turned ZOMBIE but in reality most of these cases are people on prescription drugs just freaking out with side effects.  It’s sad when you realize the most popular chemical cocktails people are taking weren’t even in development when Bill Clinton was in office.  The truth is people are being experimented on like lab mice with these “happy pills”.  Now its like, “Not happy Not Horny Legs Itchy?  We have a pill for that.”  Side effects oh don’t worry about that, Suicidal thoughts, anal bleeding, and blacking out is normal.

2.  Body

Monsanto started their process of infecting the food supply with genetically modified organisms in 1996.  Monsanto modified food so it loves to be soaked with poisonous pesticides.  They also mutated crops so insecticides actually grow inside the plant that kills bugs when they eat it.  Monsanto tells us that their food is completely safe though.  Meanwhile Americans have been suffering through a horrible digestion epidemic ever since this trash hit the market in the 90′s.  It’s sad to see these corporate pirates manipulating people into eating their frankenproducts especially the people who don’t want this junk.  They are literally forcing people to eat this stuff as it has integrated the food supply so deeply that it is nearly impossible to avoid.  What makes maters worse is the fact that they are in control of the FDA.  Their old hobbits run the joint.

This week there is a new report from France that exposes the fact that Monsanto’s food is killing 70% of the mice that eat it.  The bought and sold American media has been more than happy to insinuate skepticism of this report’s validity and scientific accuracy.  The paid investment shills are out and about saying how Monsanto stock is a buy even though their products are hurting people.

3.  Wallet

Even though people credit Billy Clint with NAFTA it was actually signed and negotiated by War W. Bush’s daddy.  Bush uno was the president responsible for that.  Billy Clint did promote it and do what he was told but it wasn’t his idea.  It could not have been.

The point is the 90′s was the last real decade of American prosperity. It seems like the answer to finding it again is there.

4.  Al Qaeda

Obama has Libya and now Syria and Billy Clinton had Bosnia and Serbia.  However, the same “bad guy” seems to be playing a primary role in both.  It has been 20 years and the government can’t seem to defeat Al Qaeda?  I wonder why that is?  Maybe its because the White House keeps supporting Al Qaeda and then holds press conferences where they say they are fighting them.  Is this why they say what you  fight you become?


If we can undue some of what was done in the 90′s then I’m sure we will return to a path of financial success and prosperity.  What do you think?


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