Why Black Politicians Emulate The Rulers of their Fathers.

The truth is if it wasn’t for all those white people who joined Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King in protests and marches the civil rights movement would have never been successful.

The second truth is the Occupy movement made some noise but it didn’t really hit its true game changing potential because black folks didn’t really show up.  Why?  Is it because the man in the White House now has the right color skin so everything is cool?  Could it be intimidation or some form of black Omertà where people are encouraged to be silent about the ills of another black person in power?

Big shout out to Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. and Rev. Dr. Jamal Bryant for trying to bring this concept out in the open with their organization occupythedream.  The idea is that the occupy movement and the civil rights movement is one and the same. The

Mary White Ovington

success comes from unity the failures from division.  If people won’t speak out for what is being done UNJUST to others then who will speak up when it’s happening to you?  Think it won’t?  Consider this America used to be known for attacking brown skinned people now it has a fetish for attacking white females as more and more videos and images flood the internet of insane Tackleberry cops brutalizing women with a viciousness and rage I can’t even describe.  Black politicians know better and are in charge of the country and plenty of cities but are in a hurry to do NOTHING.  WHY?  In my observation it’s simple,  They are emulating the rulers of their fathers.


Why Black politicians emulate the rulers of their fathers:

They overcompensate with a regular routine of regrettable ridiculous rhetoric.

Posing too hard trying to be down with the real thugs black politicians simply over compensate and over do it.  Just like the reputation many female police officers have that love to jump bad over any little thing and start freaking out because they think the public perceives them as weak because they are female.  Black politicians are pretty much the same.  It’s like they have to prove they belong to the ‘gang’ by going above and beyond the ruthlessness that is needed or has been seen in the past to get their point across.  It’s like Obama says hell 43 presidents haven’t given a damn about black mofo’s in this country why should I?  I don’t have to anyway, I’m black-tell em to wake the F up Samuel L.  It’s clear the people they really want to impress are the Henry Kissingers and George H W Bush’s of the world not the big mama’s.

Ask David Lowery the President of the South Suburban Branch of the NAACP.  When he didn’t support the OBAMA re-election campaign he got a threatening phone call and was so disturbed by it he reported it to the police, “just in case something happened”.  WOW, so these clowns think they can bully BLACK people into voting like Denzel Washington in American Gangster or something?  WTF is that?


They are drowning in the perceived prestige, privilege, perks, and power.

Swimming to the bottom trying to make it to the top.

Black politicians like Al Sharpton, Jessee Jackson, Jessee Jackson Jr., and Allen West have become so drunken with power and money they just don’t make sense anymore and have probably lost their minds.

In reply to who ever was responsible for the recent embassy attacks Allen West said, ” The Angel of Death in the form of an American Bald Eagle will visit you and wreak havoc and destruction upon your existence.”  If that’s not crazy enough sounding for you consider the fact that the embassy attack in Libya is now being blamed on Al Qaeda, who Barack just admitted he supports in Libya and Syria. So Allen who do you send your death eagle to visit now?

Even black politicians that appear to be more independent and even handed like Jacksonville Florida mayor Alvin Brown can’t seem to be there for ordinary black people when they need help most.  This week people living in 50 apartments were kicked out of their homes when the city decided to RAID the apartments for municipal code enforcement violations.  This RAID forced people out on the street with no where to turn for help except the government. City Councilman Reggie Brown who is also black was proud of what the city did.  They spoke of the crime in the area and the repairs that were needed to the buildings but did not mention the 4th Amendment or the fact that people have a right to remain in their homes.  What happened to due process?  The government can’t just show up and say oh the building needs repairs,”EVERYONE OUT NOW!”  This kind of stuff always happens to the black community.  People just trying to LIVE getting embarrassed and stripped of basic dignity and rights by the government who is supposed to protect them.  What makes it worse is the fact that the organizers behind these despotic attacks are black politicians who seem content on emulating the rulers of their fathers.



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