Why did Mitt Romney Flip Flop on his TAX RETURNS?

I guess the guy can’t help it.  Call it habitual or call it strategic.  Whatever you call it people now know when the Mitt-ster says something just set your timer to when he will change it.  What a piece of work this guy is.

Why does he keep doing this when he knows everyone is watching everything he says and WAITING for him to change his mind?

What does this latest flop tell us about the flip master?  What other issues will Mitt Romney also pull  a 180 on?  Abortion?  Gun rights?  Health care?  Definitely not his 5 sons joining the military that’s for sure.

Mitt and Ann Romney emphatically said that they would not turn over any more tax information.  As a matter of fact Ann was particularly smug about it when she said, that’s all the info we will give you people.”

Well it turns out she was wrong.

Ann’s comment wasn’t received particularly well to be honest as some ‘people’ took offense to how she, “came off”.  I felt like it was a line drawn in the sand and was something that the Romney’s appeared to stand up for, finally showing some backbone on an important issue.  Who knew it would be just another opportunity for Mitt to reverse his coarse, AGAIN.

This is why Mitt Romney can’t win, and this is why people who are supporting the republican nominee are wasting their time AND money.  If you have been sending money to Romney you should call your mom and apologize for not sending her flowers instead.  You could have been helping the youth change the world but instead you support this guy?  Y U NO LISTEN?

I know some people still have hope, and I understand I guess its like a movie or something that you want to end happily ever after but, sorry that’s not in this script.  If it was Mitt would likely have changed it by now.

Here’s why Mitt Romney Flip-Flopped on his Tax Returns:


1.  He thinks it will help him win.

This is why I have been telling people that Mitt Romney is the 2012 John Edwards.  He has the “look” the ‘apparent fakeness couture’ the $5000 haircut, the whole “bet $10k” character is just so terribly rehearsed and poorly executed.  It’s hilarious to see him coming into the election known as a flip flopper and then flip flop constantly in front of everyone.  I guess if the only tool you know how to use is a hammer then everything looks like a nail?  Mitt’s reputation is that he will say and do anything to get elected and we are watching him do just that.  What a clown.

2.  He thinks we are all stupid or part the 47% he says he doesn’t need.

I can’t remember an election where the challenger was so far off his game.  If this is his game then sorry Romney supporters your guy has no game.  Especially not presidential level and YES you need GAME to win.   Here is a guy that is paying a tax rate 3x’s lower than your favorite NFL quarterback but says he’s an honest business man even though he didn’t EARN his money traditionally like wage earners or self employed owner operators.  He earns his money through extremely complicated wall street schemes which nets him millions but doesn’t require him to do any real work.  Then he says if you are a wage earner and don’t earn enough then he doesn’t need you?  What a doufus.


3.  He is trying to loose.

At some point you have to consider the Don King point of view with these elections.  The republicans and democrats are like the bloods and crips with nuclear weapons.  There is too much riding on the outcome for the result to be entirely unpredictable, right?  Seriously, who thought John Kerry or Al Gore really gave 100% effort in their election attempts?  Remember how both of them ended the campaign with large surpluses of cash on hand?  Why didn’t they spend all of that money trying to win?  I’ll predict the exact same right now for Mitt Romney.  When he concedes in November and he will give a concession speech watch for how much money he still has on hand.  You supporters who are sending him money are probably just buying Ann another Cadillac for Mitt to park in his car elevator.  What a waste of time.



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