Why Godzilla is needed to defeat Terrorism

What can be done to stop the global war on terror?

After over a decade of fighting if America hasn’t defeated terrorism by now isn’t it time to ask if terrorism can be defeated by America?

Is it time to call in Godzilla?


If you are too young to know about Godzilla I don’t care.  Do your research and get up on the real classics, tighten up young’n.

For the rest of us, isn’t it about time to really put ALL the options on the table?

Wouldn’t calling in Godzilla to defeat the terrorists make as much sense as what was discussed last night in the presidential debate?



1.  Terrorism apparently is mystical.

Whenever you are fighting a mystical foe then you need a mystical ally.  If we can’t get the X-Men or Spider man to help us then we need to go with the one force we know we can rely on and that is Godzilla.  The question remains how exactly to summon Godzilla and how will we get him to leave once he is done with the terrorists.

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2. Terrorism is worldwide and potentially interstellar.

It won’t be long before they say the terrorists have space crafts and are in control of satellites and other extremely advanced technologies.  Idiots watching this will just continue to go along with this previously anointed narrative.  This is another advantage of hiring Godzilla for this job.  There is no limitation to where he can travel on earth or out of space and Godzilla has a long reputation of defeating alien enemies from out of space like Mothra and Megalon.

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3.  Only Godzilla can defeat monsters AND win the hearts of all people.

Blanketing media propaganda of what happened was never needed for the people to rally behind Godzilla.  They knew he was there to defend them so they always gathered at the beach whenever Godzilla would leave and many times when he arrived.  They even watched the battles.  This is one of the most memorable scenes from any Godzilla movie the people happily cheering for, Godzilla!

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4.  Godzilla would cost less.

The Republican Democrat war monger crack habit is burning so much cash so fast that it is mind boggling.  No one can really even calculate how much a trillion dollars really is but these clowns are spending who knows how many trillions of dollars fighting wars.  Congress has passed no budget so there is no limit like Master P on the money these clowns can spend.  It’s all good they say the taxpayers will pay it back even though it is mathematically impossible.

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5.  Godzilla is more trust worthy.

The American people do not trust the politicians who claim to represent them.  The United States congress continues to break new records in all time low approval ratings.  They should be ashamed but instead they continue on with their primary status quo operation which is simply to LIE, STEAL, and CHEAT the American people.  The only thing these no-good low-life clowns have proven they can do is deceive and they can’t even do that very well anymore.  The gig is up the people are aware of what is really going on.

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