Why Romney Lost

The first thing people will want to know is why?

Why did Mitt Lose?

Well. That is the Billion dollar question isn’t it?


I post predictions because anyone can write about what already happened or what is happening right now.  I’ll let the talking heads on tv cover the hot air talking points also known as “fraudulent flatulence factoids”.  What people really want to know is what will happen in the future.

If you have been reading this blog then you already knew Mitt Romney would lose the election.  I tried to tell people but who listens anymore?

Why Mitt Romney lost to Barack Obama is something that the talking heads on television will debate but we already know the answer.

Just In case no one told you I’ll break it down EARLY before election day.  Here’s the 3 reasons Romney Lost to Obama:


1. Invalid Premise

Mitt Romney says that he is a successful business man that believes in America.  He says that he wants the government to get out of the way.  The problem with this is if he’s such a good businessman why is he trying to get a government job?  Then he says that government is in the way but then he wants to work for the government?  I don’t get it.  How does it work logically to say that you’re all about business and you’re soooo successful but the only way you can bring jobs to America is if you’re elected President of the government?   What!?  C’MON Mitt that sounds crazy.  So business owners should run for office if they want to improve the economy?

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2. Too Little Too Late

It was only a few weeks ago that Mitt was reintroducing himself to the Country, again.  People spent the summer clowning Mitt over his comedic trip overseas where he earned the nickname “Mitt the Twitt”.  It’s like he is part of an impromptu comedy performance and no one told him we’re all laughing our asses off.  He made a come back in the FIRST debate but drifted even from that high point to just looking like he had to use the bathroom in the last debate.

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3.  Sandy

Call it what you will but this October surprised buried the Mitt Romney for president candidacy.  In the press he disappeared for the entire week after the non-Hurricane hit New York.  Then the republican Governor of New York Chris Christie came out and basically endorsed Obama just a few days before the final vote.  I have to say it’s funny watching power hungry insiders like Rupert Murdoch threatening Gov. Chris Christie to come out and re-endorse Romney again.  Like Christie’s speech at the convention wasn’t enough.

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Come on Republicans and Bush voting democrats, let it go already it’s over folks its time to accept it.

Plus you didn’t like Romney that much anyway.  Don’t act like he was your first choice.

If he was no ones first choice in a room of a hundred or a thousand people why do you think he is going to beat the other guy? You know the one that’s already in office?

In my opinion the joke is on us anyway.  Romney just got paid to run for office the question people need to ask is how much money is in those campaign accounts and how much does Romney get to keep?  How much will he just take anyway?

Remember Gore/Kerry after they “let Bush get away with it” the scandal was how much money they walked away with.  They both kept money from their campaigns the question is how much?

Conservatives, tea party members, neo-cons, blue-dog democrats whatever gang you’re in you have to admit you don’t really trust Mitt Romney.  Do you?  So why don’t you ask this question?

Where’s the Mitt MONEY Romney!?


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