Why Samuel L. Jackson needs to Wake the F up or STFU.

A vote-for-Obama political commercial was just released starring Samuel L. Jackson.  In this “role” Sam plays a concerned citizen version of himself who interrupts a young white girls dream about America.  He starts off calm and collect as he narrates and ends up screaming and cursing, again. Yelling “WAKE THE F UP”!  In response to the fact that more people aren’t flocking to the Obama campaign in 2012.

Normally I don’t curse in my posting bust since this guy wants to yell curse words at us then back at you mofo.

Here’s why why Samuel L. Jackson needs to STFU:

  1. Partisanship is insanity.  Anyone with any brain cells left have already figured out there is no difference between Republicans and Democrats.  They’re a team, One does the screwing one does the holding down.  People know Obama has continued Bush’s policies and has been an even worse defender of human rights and freedom.  Why do you think most of the fortune 500 companies contribute money to both political parties and candidates?  This is a standard practice that has been going on for years, legalized corruption.  The idea that Mr. “tell it like it is” is selling us this crap shows that he either thinks we are stupid or is a dumb-ass himself.
  2. Planned parenthood IS eugenics incorporated. It’s founders wanted to eliminate the earth of “undesirables” or “ugly black babies” as North Carolina abortion doctor Ron Virmani put it.  Do the math Sammy how many black people do you think it will be left in America if our babies don’t grow up?  Less than one in five people in America are black.  Since 1973 abortion has reduced the black population by 25%.  Think about that Sam.  
  3. You’re getting paid we’re getting played.  Lets call it like it is Sammy you are getting money doing this stuff one way or another.  Even if you don’t get a check directly for this little movie you got publicity and you will get some business out of it.  Either way you’re making money acting like you’re doing US a favor.  Hey Scam-you-well Jackson we know Obama is running for re-election we get the damn EMAILS, and TWEETS, and TEXTS.  We are not sending him money because we don’t have any because he didn’t send US any bailout money.  We are not showing up to his rallies because he sold us out AND we got sh1t to do.  
  4. STOP AND FRISK.  Remember SHAFT motherf*cker?  You remember that sh1t.  Now you’re going to act like you haven’t heard about the fact that black people are getting targeted for shake downs by police at an alarming rate.  It used to be driving while black when Bush was in office now it’s walking while black with Obama.  WTF!?  No word about that but we’re supposed to think you’re some tough guy?  You won’t hold it down for you’re OWN people but you got Obama’s back?  This is what the progression of a sellout is all about.

Samuel L. Jackson, you need to wake the F up or STFU, you are embarrassing yourself.  Why don’t you go shoot another movie where you play the exact same character cursing everybody out and sit yo @ss down somewhere.  Where is that shark from Deep Blue Sea when you need him?  Last time he ran his mouth like that on screen you saw what happened.


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