Why the government can’t protect your identity:

People have heard about identity theft and how bad it ruins the lives of the people affected.  Do you remember the LifeLock CEO getting his identity stolen after guaranteeing his service prevents ID theft?

Trendies have been conned into promoting the idea that the government will protect you.

How can the government protect you if it can’t even protect your records?

My personal experience is that it’s all a game of chance.  The way our society has developed it seems like anywhere and everywhere you go someone is requiring more and more of your information.

How long before the dry cleaner wants your social security number for a pickup?


2 reasons the government can’t protect your identity:


1.  Duplication.  Once someone has your records they can copy and duplicate it forever.  Here is a question for you, can you get another social security number?

2.  Corruption.  It’s up to you to decide if it is the system or the people operating the system that are the source of the corruption but it exists and is thriving in government.  Recently the group ANTISEC released Apple user id information on a million and one people.  The group specified in detail how and who they got the data.  The sign of the corruption was in the governments response they basically claimed, it never happened, WOW.

Here’s their statement:

The FBI is aware of published reports alleging that an FBI laptop was compromised and private data regarding Apple UDIDs was exposed. At this time, there is no evidence indicating that an FBI laptop was compromised or that the FBI either sought or obtained this data.

How long until they change their tune?  The ANTISEC group says they have millions of more records.  Do you think they will release more?


Who can you believe?  The masked group with the documented proof or the government and their stance of basically, nuh uh?


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