Why the NFL replacement refs should be kept on board

Ok so everyone is all up at arms against the NFL replacement refs as they blew yet another call last night on Monday Night Football.  Everyone is all pissed off and ganging up on the guys with the white and black striped shirts, “the Zebras”

They want to blame everything on them.

But as Lee Corso says, NO SO FAST MY FRIEND.

Green Bay Packers offensive lineman went on the offensive when he tweeted:

THINK B4 U TWEET TJ.  They probably will fine your ass but the money won’t be used to pay the regular refs my silly silly friend.  That’s not how it works.  Just think you could of have used that money for Christmas gifts but now the NFL will have it, hey at least you got some new followers on Twitter out of it, how much will it cost you? I’ll let you determine if it is worth it.

The NFL is not about to let the dog wag the tail, why do you think the “regular” refs are out of work right now as it is?  They want more money than the NFL is willing to pay them.  If I was you TJ or the NFL players, I would keep my mouth shut about the refs business because it wasn’t too lang ago that you were on the other side of the NFL locked out of the season.  How soon we forget.


Here is why the NFL replacement referees should be kept on board permanently:


1.  Makes the Game exiting.

Really exciting. Like who knows what the F will happen.  This is all about football tradition.  The idea that every single call will be 100% correct is a bull crap fantasy.  The truth is there has always been bad calls and there will always be bad calls.  Who can forget the legendary BAD call that was made on TOM BRADY remember the TUCK RULE?

2. They aren’t the only one making mistakes.

It kills me when I see professionals cry about referees when they are the ones making the big bucks but can’t seem to do their jobs consistently worth a damn.  How many wide receivers do you see dropping footballs?  How many times do you see lineman missing blocks or jumping off sides or just flat out screwing up a play?  How many defenders can’t tackle worth a damn? Yeah it happens.

3.  The regular refs are over paid and under important.

The old refs in my opinion had become opulent. They had got so sophisticated and famous that they believed people really wanted to see THEM perform.  Its like they were looking for something to call so they could pose as important members of the game.  NOOOOOOOOO we don’t pay to see NFL refs.  We want to see the game that’s it and that’s all.

4.  They will only get better.

The truth is the refs have made some bad calls however, I have watched them correct many of their bad calls with no problem either.  I think they should not only keep their jobs but be applauded for the effort they are putting in.  Can you imagine being thrown into the big show like this?  The only advise I would give the referees is to swallow your whistle more and resist the urge to make any calls.  That way you let the MEN play and don’t get in the way of the game.  Don’t let these rich ass whiny players get to you just keep doing your best and improving we feel your pain.


PS. Cheater Belichick should have been fined for grabbing that referee like that on Sunday.  It’s not his fault your defense couldn’t stop the Ravens from driving down the field and kicking a game winning field goal.  Hey why are you still in the NFL to begin with?  Aren’t YOU the guy that used to STEAL plays with a video camera?  NO SUSPENSION NO GAMES ERASED EITHER.  What’s up with that?


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October 1st 2012 9:30pm:  

The new refs are now caught up in the same obvious blown call that the replacement refs found themselves only a week ago.  The only difference is this mistake is costing the NFL much more money.

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  1. Johnny says:

    I think the only reason you could seriously make this argument is for shock value and to spark a discussion. NFL players are the best in the world at what they do. Same with the coaches. Same with the front office personnel. Heck even the water boys are probably top notch. The refs, on the other hand, aren’t even the best college officials. Do you suggest that we throw a high school linebacker out there and see how he fares? The NFL is exciting enough with regular refs, we don’t need another XFL-esque spectacle. It’s just not fair to these guys to put them in a position where they’re sure to fail. The NFL is too popular and the fans too rabid for that. We’re getting to the point where not only the players could get hurt, but I wouldn’t even be surprised if the replacement refs received death threats and the like as a result of a bitter gambler who lost a lot of a money as the result of a blown call like from last night.

    1. llenrad.com says:

      You know you may be on to something a lot of people are not aware of how much money is bet on NFL games. That alone could drive a change but we will see.