Why are Whistle Blowers treated like Terrorists?

The people have been told that the unprecedented security measures are required to prevent some terrorist in some cave some where in the middle east from launching a mysterious attack on the United States.

The people are told this is why you must prove you’re not a terrorist on your flight to Miami and then again on your flight back home.  Who knows you may have become “terroristic” over the weekend, right?

The George Bush response to the attacks on September 11th 2001 was first to finish listening to “my pet goat”.  Only a few weeks later he signed the extremely controversial “PATRIOT ACT”  into law.   The legislation gave the government amazing powers that were never heard of before in America, who knew the congress and senate could act so fast?

Political gang members and fans said the law was legitimate and desperately needed; Americans and opponents warned that it would only result in more government abuse.

They say only time will tell what has time told us?

Have you ever heard the old saying that what you fight you become? Is that what has happened in the United States?

Obama ran on a platform of hope and change.  One of the reasons people flocked to him was his common sense comments about security the country.  He flat out said that he would reverse executive orders that resulted in abuses of liberty like BUSH’s Guantanamo detainees.  This was controversial to the BUSH crowd but HOPE and CHANGE was what Americans really wanted.

Is that what we got?

Since Barack Obama has been in office he has not only extended BUSH’s Guantanamo detainee program but he has also signed a NEW LAW called the NDAA.  If you think the Patriot Act which Obama also supports is bad the NDAA is waaaay worse.  It “authorizes” the president the ability to KILL anybody in the world including Americans at the Presidents choosing.  No court no charges no lawyers no nothing just boom gone, if you’re on the list.  Real life King sh1t.

How did we get here?

Isn’t Barack Obama just proof that these so called elected representatives are really just defenders of the status quo?

Now look what time has revealed.

Thanks to the courage of people willing to speak out about government abuse we now know that these paranoid surveillance programs are more about fattening up pockets of insiders than keeping anybody safe.

The head of homeland security Janet Napolitano is now caught up in a wild freaky sex power trip scandal and will be in court soon due to a law suit filed by a special agent turned whistle blower.

What will come out of that case will be a story worth reading about in the supermarket tabloids but NOOOO they are too busy distracting you with stories like Kristen Stewart’s cheating on Robert Pattinson.

Is this why whistle blowers like Julia DavisThomas Drake, and Julian Assange are being treated like THEY are the terrorists?

What is it that they know but the system wants to hide?


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