Will Cory Booker end the Drug War?

 article made headlines today when he discussed Mayor Corey Booker’s comments on the United States “War on Drugs.”  The fact that Corey Booker  is saying this as the second term Mayor of Newark, New Jersey makes a huge difference.

The war on drugs has proven itself to be as effective as gasoline on a forest fire.  The powers at be have shown their hands this time and its hard to forget what we have seen.

The generation X’ers grew up under the policies that came from the war on drugs.  We remember Nancy Reagan telling us to  “Just Say No“.  We saw the signs go up near our schools that said these area’s are “drug free“.  We then noticed our family members disappear due to minimum sentencing requirements at exponential rates.

We have watched the rate of drug use continually increase and the idea of using and selling drugs consume our entire social environment.  The most popular music and movies at one point or another depicts the coolness of the life of a drug dealer.  There is no way to hide from the fact that the entertainment industry promotes the drug industry.

This is why Cory Booker’s comments mean so much.  In the 1920′s politicians worldwide realized that the prohibition of alcohol wouldn’t work or last so instead of allowing the wars to rage on the streets they legalized it.  This allows the people to fight over liquor in the courts and not the streets Al Capone style.

Hopefully Mayor Booker is serious about legalizing and/or decriminalizing drugs.  I think that the money in the business is the real problem if you take the money out then you can expose the ruthless criminality that is thriving in every city in the country.  Make the crooks find something else to do.

I wonder how Mayor Booker feels about Barack and Eric’s fast and the furious crime scandal?  How do you know its time to end the war on drugs?  Well, when the government is doing the drug trafficking and then arresting the same people that should be a sign.  What do you think?


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