Will Jerry Sandusky bring down the Pedophile State University?

The majority of people would agree that Jerry Sandusky should already be dead from what he did “To Kill a Mockingbird ” Style.  The grace of the creator though provides everyone a chance for redemption.  God loves Jerry too.

Jerry can still do the right thing.

There is no way that he acted alone.  Who is stupid enough to believe that?   My goal isn’t to criticize the dead but the truth out and even Joe Paterno knew something.  That he responded by telling the SCHOOL instead of the POLICE is a criminal act.  What was Joe thinking about?  What is there to think about?  Who was he trying to protect?  Obviously it wasn’t the child who was actually looking for protection.

It’s sad to see so many people responding as FANS instead of thinking about what is right.  The crowds that gathered to “support” Joe didn’t take into consideration how they would feel if it was them that was the victim or even worse their child.  Yeah right if your child said that they were raped while at PSU camp you would still show up and “support” Joe pa? There’s a word for that, “stockholm syndrome.”

Joe did leave one clue before he died instantly after this came out.  He let the cat out of the bag by saying that he told the Administration about the incident.  This means the college knew, Sandusky knew, and Paterno knew but they were all acting like nothing was wrong for years.  Its like they were catholic priests or something.

Lets all act like we are not locked inside some episode of the twilight zone.  Lets act like we are people living in the world and just watching an episode on t.v.  This means we can maintain our coordinates for what is going on here.  A child came to the university to learn from the great Joe Paterno and co. and ends up getting raped.  He reports it to the head coach Joe who then “tells the school” knowing the accused was still on his staff and “at large”.  This is insane.

I’ll never forget the first time I got a ticket.  The police officer said to me that the reason why he was writing me the ticket for running the red light wasn’t because I ran that light but because I probably ran 25 or 50 red lights before he caught me.  This makes you wonder are we dealing with the iceberg or the tip?

History proves there is always more to stories.  Who else was involved Jerry?  Speak up and do the right thing for a change.  Tell us what you know.



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