Will Mitt Romney flip flop on Gun Rights?

Did Barack Obama flip flop on wars?  What do you think?

Can you trust what Mitt Romney Says?  What did he say about abortion at first?  What did he say later?

What does your gut tell you about this guy, honestly?  Don’t give me that, “he’s better than the other guy bull crap” just answer the question.  What does your gut tell you about Mitt?

This country is literally turning into a giant ghost town as jobs, opportunities, and prosperity has been traded for less freedom, more taxes, and more government.  It’s time to trust your gut.

Mitt Romney has proven that he will say one thing and do another when it will help him out of a jam.  Why is it so hard to get a consistent straight answer from this guy?

The second amendment is under attack by some trendy self important people like huffpo and bloomberg who believe they can undue an amendment to the constitution by passing some law or implementing some rule.  These people don’t believe the people have RIGHTS they believe they have MIGHT.

Do you think Mitt Romney will defend you from these control freak gun grabbers?  Recently Kudlow interviewed Romney on it and I have to say I don’t get a warm and fuzzy feeling from his comments did you?

Lets just compare the harshness of the rhetoric.  On one side you have Bloomberg saying that cops should boycott until people hand over their guns on the other side you have Mitt saying, -just look at how Kudlow describes what Mitt said.

Did you know that Mitt signed anti-gun legislation already when he was the governor of Massachusetts?  That means if he is elected U.S. president and flip flops again it won’t be the first time.

The second amendment is about self defense.  Its seems that only Ice-T the OG understands this concept. The thing I don’t understand is how does it make sense to take away American guns while arming rebels in foreign countries?  Both acts are immoral by the way.

Mitt says that Obama is basically soft on wars so we know he will increase carnage there, do you think he will also flip flop on the NRA crowd and go after guns once he is in the White House?

He weeble-wobbled on the healthcare tax already didn’t he?  First he said it was a tax then once it was ruled a tax by the supreme court he says its a penalty?  More word games.   What do you think?


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