Will Romney Explain the Mormon Curse of Cain to the NAACP?

Freedom of speech just feels good you should try it.  Here is something that all of the talking heads and paid pundits are scared to discuss even though they are free to do so.

The fact is there is a huge racial problem in the belief system of Mormons.  Their history is steeped in racist beliefs and policies that somehow are not eligible for comment or debate.  How will someone serve a country of all people if they really believe black people are cursed?

Wikipedia says  “Brigham Young, the second President of the Church taught that people of African ancestry were generally under the curse of Cain, which included not only the penalty of a dark skin but an inability to hold the church’s priesthood…”

What is Mitt Romney’s reply to this belief?  Christians are asked if they believe that Jesus was the son of God and they speak about it openly.  Obama had to prove he wasn’t a Muslim; even though hey are not talking about his church going efforts this campaign season for some reason.  Whatever happened to Rev Wright?

How can Mitt Romney honestly be for the national advancement of colored people and also believe they are cursed?  One of the two is a lie which one do you think it is?

Politicians are hilarious with their campaign year only appearances.  They come to your area and get you to believe that they are one of you-for a limited time only though.  As soon as they Newt Gingrich, you never hear from them again.   They don’t come back around because they don’t need you anymore.

This is why people should ask the tough questions when these politicians show up.  The truth is you’ll never have another chance if they get elected.  Once they are in office somehow asking them real questions is considered criminal almost terrorist behavior.  So, this is your shot.  Don’t waste it on some softball compliment about his hair either.  Ask Romney when you see him this one question.  Is Brigham Young a racist for his beliefs that black people are cursed because of the color of their skin?  Do you agree with his teachings? 



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