You can’t breathe and not SMELL you can’t live and not TELL


Something is not right and you know it.  Even if you are a beneficiary and are getting paid from what is happening in our world today you know in your gut something absolutely awful is going on. It’s like the Bob Marley song, Rat Race.

Why try to deny what is already so obvious? Why ignore your conscience? Who would lie to you first your conscience or your boss?

What happened to humanity and where are we headed?  Who is leading us and why are people continuing to go along with what is destroying us?


Is this movie the new model for contemporary life in the twenty first century?  The idea that ordinary people should be pit against each other in order to entertain the “higher ups” or “celebs” or “executives”  as they watch from their luxury accommodations?   Is this what is happening now in the middle east and north Africa?  Robotic drones flying around killing people autonomously while filming footage for someone else to watch like a video game.  Meanwhile ordinary people are killed in the streets by American supported rebels that would be called terrorists if they were in Atlanta or Seattle.[10]  Who is teaching us this foolishness?  Who is responsible?


Why are people now being thrown in jail for petty minor infractions but others are literally getting away with MURDER?  Some ex Governors have a license to steal money from private accounts like John Corzine but other ex-governors like Jesse Ventura can’t board an airplane without getting treated like a terrorist.[11]  Why is it that Bernie Madoff goes to prison for stealing billions but not one Wall Street banker has been arrested for the trillions of dollars that mysteriously disappeared?[8]  Now the criminals have instituted a permanent bailout does this mean this endemic corruption is the new normal?  How long before this house of cards falls?  How obviously convenient is it that the total U.S. debt is the exact same amount as the amount missing, $16 Trillion?[9]  


He Zhi Hua is his name.  He was crushed to death by a giant road flattening truck at the order of a Chinese “official”.  The man did not accept the small amount of money the government offered him for his land so he protested by laying in the street.[12]  The driver of the machine knew there was a man lying there and chose to obey an immoral, illegal, and  inhumane command. This is what the Milgram experiment is all about.  Is this what is happening to our world today?  People with “authority” telling others to do things that are incomprehensible and insane?  Are the people who serve the system selected because they would not refuse a command to crush someone else’s father?  What if the person being crushed was their own father?  This is what the progression of a sellout is all about.  Why is it that people will hurt others but don’t want anyone to hurt them?  What really happened to Pat Tillman?  He left his NFL career to go to the Middle East where he courageously sacrificed his life and died in extremely scandalous circumstances.  Who lied and why?

Being alive is not LIVING.  I just want people to know you still have time to do the right thing.  Even if all you have ever done is what is wrong and foul you can instantly flip that coin over and do good from now on.  The future belongs to you.  You are good.  Do it.


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Thanks for Reading. Did you know when you SHARE or COMMENT you get more followers? Check out my latest projects: Progression of a Sellout - Closed Sourced Morals. 

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